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American Ordnance LLC (AO) is a premier manufacturer of ammunition to the United States Military. American Ordnance LLC is one of the Day & Zimmermann, Inc. family of companies with production facilities at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP) and storage facilities at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant (MLAAP).

AO is the operating contractor of the IAAAP and MLAAP, where it maintains the facility and manages multiple munitions programs as either a prime contractor or significant subcontractor. AO's capabilities encompass a wide array of development, load, assemble and pack (LAP) requirements for medium to large caliber ammunition and other explosives. Our contracting responsibilities include production and systems engineering, quality engineering, quality assurance, supply chain management, production and project scheduling, manufacturing, production line support, storage, transportation, environmental and security.

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70+ Years of Experience

We produce ammunition, explosive production, pressing, development, and test fire.

High Quality & Reliable

Our ammunition consistently meets rigid specifications and guidelines set forth by the U.S. Government and other customers.


We exceed the expectations of customers in terms of service, production quality, and delivery of merchandise.


We have an experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and certified management team in place that is known throughout the industry as a good value to its customers.


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Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP)

17575 Highway 79

Middletown, IA 52638

(319) 753 - 7210

Business Development

John Fleitz Senior Director, Business Development

(215) 299 - 8260

Emil Kovalchik Director, Business Development

(319) 753 - 7835


Milan Army Ammunition Plant (MLAAP)

2280 Highway 104 West, Suite 2

Milan, TN 38358

(731) 686 - 6101

ARMs Program

Tony Noll Iowa ARMS Tenant Manager

(319) 752 - 7787

Melissa Cox-Brown Milan ARMS Tenant Manager

(731) 686 - 6261