February 26, 2021


One thing we have learned through this pandemic is things are always changing.  Over the last several weeks we continued to work the logistics with the Army on obtaining vaccines from Fort Campbell.  Just this week a new vaccine opportunity became available with Des Moines County Health Department.  They will be onsite to administer vaccines to all employees who notified HR they wanted one! 


The first dose will be given Thursday, March 4th and the second dose will be given Thursday, March 25th.  If you have travel obligations on one or both of these days, please text RuthAnn (319-768-6538) and alternative arrangements will be made for you. 


Vaccines will be administered at the fire station. Time to report for the vaccine shot will be communicated to you by safety or your supervisor. 


Below is general vaccine information we wanted to share with you as you may have a household member interested in getting the vaccine.  


Where can I get a vaccine?

        Through the states health department; you can use the interactive maps on their websites.





Are other locations giving vaccines?

        Here are the ones we are aware of:

o   We will continue to provide additional locations as we hear about them. Please help us build this database by reporting locations you know of to HR. 





As the situation changes, the Company reserves the right to revisit and alter the above responses as it sees fit.

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