May 23, 2020


What situations require me to stay home? *REMINDER*

·         If you or a member of your household have any of the symptoms below.


Am I required to use my sick and vacation while away from work?


When do I complete the return to work questionnaire? *UPDATED*


When is the next Noon Zoom daily briefings?

Tip of the Day

During the Memorial Day Weekend it may be tempting to relax important habits you have developed around wearing face coverings, frequent hand washing, limitations on gatherings, and social distancing. But please don’t let your guard down as you celebrate this weekend. It’s important for us to protect the safety of our families, and friends. Continue to be diligent, so we continue the progress we’ve made to date in controlling the spread of the virus.




Take a moment…


The National Moment of Remembrance is a full minute of silence beginning at 3:00 PM (local time) on Memorial Day.  Please stop at 3:00 PM to take a minute to remember those who have died fighting for our freedoms we enjoy.  


As long as our nation is the home of the brave, it remains the land of the free. Happy Memorial Day!

As the situation changes, the Company reserves the right to revisit and alter the above responses as it sees fit.