June 11, 2020


How can I participate on the Noon Zoom daily briefings? *Password has been added*


What is the meaning of close contact? *Updated*  




Below is an overview of the FAQs that are currently being followed. 


What situations require me to stay home?

·         If you or a member of your household have any of the symptoms below.


If I develop symptoms or end up testing for COVID-19 do I need to call and report that to HR?


How do I report my absence? 

·         On a scheduled work day you will utilize the same phone numbers that are set up for your area to report an absence.

·         When you report your absence include how long you expect to be off; if you are off multiple days you do not need to call in each day.

·         Due to the current situation we are asking that you provide further explanation on why you are out.

o   Sick - If you experience flu-like symptoms associated with Covid-19.

o   Family Sick – If a member of your household is experiencing flu-like symptoms associated with Covid-19.

o   Illness – If you have other symptoms such as allergies (sneezing) or ear ache.

o   Childcare – If you have to stay home due to daycare closures.

o   Self-Isolate – If you have a high risk medical situation that you are choosing to be off for. Note this does require a doctor’s excuse.

o   Personal Reasons – If you another situation arise that is not related to sick, illness, childcare, or self-isolate.


Am I required to use my sick and vacation while away from work?


When do I complete the return to work questionnaire?

·         If you are unable to reach your supervisor please contact HR (RuthAnn or Mike).


Who should I contact if I develop symptoms on a scheduled day off?


If I get directed to stay home how long will I have to be off?


What is the process to make sure employees who are suspected or test positive return when it is ok?


How does the CDC guidance affect me?

4.    Pre-Screen  by having your temperature taken and recorded by the clinic or Fire Lt on off hours

5.    Wear a masks or cloth face covering while at AO



Do I have to wear a cloth face covering while at work?

·         Following the Memorandum from the Department of Defense (DoD) containing guidance for DoD facilities on the use of cloth face coverings.  In areas where the six feet of social distancing are difficult to maintain, a cloth face covering will need to be worn.

·         Cloth face coverings can be made from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.  For more information, please visit the CDC website at:


I plan on traveling; is that allowed?

·         The advice on travel per CDC and local guidance changes frequently. If you plan to travel please reference the CDC. 

·         International travel still must be reported to HR and a 14 day isolation may be required.

·         Please use the links below as resources to help make a determination on traveling.

o   CDC Travel Guidance:

o   State & Territorial Health Department Websites:

o   Opening Up America Again:

As the situation changes, the Company reserves the right to revisit and alter the above responses as it sees fit.