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Our Continued Commitment

American Ordnance has established a core code of values that outlines how the company conducts business. These values demonstrate our commitment to both internal and external customers, while providing the company a platform for continued growth. The company has worked hard to earn the reputation that is synonymous with quality, integrity, and innovation.

  • We will create a work environment that protects the health and Safety of our employees, our clients and the public.
  • We conduct our business with absolute Integrity and all of us are accountable for our own decisions and actions. Our Environmental Policy is just one facet of this integrity.
  • We believe a total commitment to Quality is essential to client and employee satisfaction, as exhibited in our Quality Policy.
  • We value Growth that is strategic, because it is critical to creating opportunities for our employees and ensuring the company’s long-term prosperity.
  • Our employees belong to a Family at home and a team at work, and are of most value at work if they are able to balance their personal and professional lives.
  • We will be active members of a larger Community, corporately and professionally, and will support deserving cultural, civic and charitable organizations, and professional societies that guard the standards and advance our business practices.

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  American Ordnance is a leader in lean six sigma to ensure quality in all we produce.  


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