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American Ordnance LLC Supplier Information

American Ordnance maintains a high quality supplier base by establishing long term relationships with it's suppliers. We have also established requirements for ensuring purchased products from suppliers conform to our customer's needs. Suppliers are evaluated against these requirements through surveys and performance history.

All suppliers are eligible for the Supplier Certification Program. This program reduces incoming inspection and develops customer supplier relations.

For our current suppliers, you can review our current Terms and Conditions, Supplier Quality Manual and Quality Assurance Provisions in Adobe pdf format:

An archive of past Standard Terms is available here.

An archive of past Special U.S Government Provisions is available here.

An archive of past Quality Assurance Provisions is available here.

Other reference documents:

 Did you know?
  American Ordnance was the FIRST company certified to ISO 9001:2000 in the DoD Industrial Base.  


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