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American Ordnance is a successful participant in the Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (ARMS) program at both the Milan Army Ammunition Plant, in Milan, Tennessee, and the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, in Middletown, Iowa. The ARMS program, an entrepreneurial government initiative, encourages and supports a private sector presence at under-utilized government facilities by offering prospective commercial and industrial businesses the opportunity to leverage and accelerate growth and expansion through financial and in-kind incentives such as building modifications and improvements, tailored financing arrangements, and loan guarantees.

Whether the company is an emerging high-tech start-up or a Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation, American Ordnance and the ARMS program are viable sources of support for businesses looking to start, expand or relocate their enterprise at either facility.


 Did you know?
  Unique financial incentives are available through the ARMS program for those that qualify.  


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